Operation Training

Skilled and experienced operator is the fundamental guarantee of long-term safe operation of equipments. It is a challenge for many companies to develop high-caliber employees so that they can keep skills and techniques up-to-date in order to meet the growing business needs. Veichi Electric has a group of experienced training experts and technicians who have many years of experience in industrial automation area. In the past years, they have provided thousands of customers a series of electrical-related theory and product application training courses. We can also provide customers with flexible and customized training according to customer requirements.

Training Content

1. Product Introduction: The lecturer introduces the basic functions, safety precautions, main specifications, installation, wiring, basic operations and more to the trainees. This includes operational manuals and product technical specifications to ensure customers have information more conveniently.
2. Product Debugging: All the fault diagnoses and processing such as system fault, over-current diagnose processes, over-voltage diagnose process and so forth will be discussed on the product debugging lectures. It aims to provide more detailed knowledge about our product so that customers can save a lot of time in debugging equipments.
3. Product Maintenance: Our technician will explain the safety rules during the inspection and maintenance, besides, the daily checking details, regular inspection procedures as well as maintenance skills will be introduced. It is mainly focused on the main components inspection of a model or model range.

Training Significance

1. Improve the working performance of our equipments.
2. Improve the technical ability of equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

Training Objective

The technical personnel of our distributors and end customers.