VE100 Series PLC
  • VE100 Series PLC

VE100 Series PLC

Capable of controlling various kinds of industrial equipments
Its CPU has strong and fast data processing capability
Support multiple communication ports which support PPI communication protocol
Compact structure with competitive price

Veichi VE100 series micro PLC is specially designed to control various kinds of small automation control system. Designed with compact structure and powerful instruction set, VE100 is good value for money. If you need to get a high performance PLC to control your factory automation system, it would be your first choice.

1. Powerful functions

a. Digital signal 14DI/10DO

b. The CPU module has strong computing and data processing ability that it supports 3 external expansion modules. Its power-off protection time is super long.

c. Developed with advanced AES encryption algorithm, VE100 PLC system can effectively protect user's data and intellectual property rights.

d. It can support 2 communication ports maximumly, both supporting PPI and other related communication protocol

2. Structure of VE100

VE100 structure

3. Wiring diagram of VE100

VE100 wiring