V5 High Performance Servo Motor
  • V5 High Performance Servo Motor

V5 High Performance Servo Motor

Optimized design in alveolus, iron core, structure and etc.
Low cogging torque that it runs with high stability.
Rapid response, low inductance and zero mutual inductance.
Light in weight and small in size.
Low noise, low vibration and high durability.

1. Silicon steel sheet

The stator lamination and rotor laminations are all made of Japan Kawasaki silicon steel sheet that it features low iron loss and great permeability performance.

2. Permanent magnetic design

V5 servo motor has been manufactured with high quality permanent magnetic material with strong resistance to demagnetization. It can keep working for a long time with prominent performance.

3. Optimized design in slots and poles

V5 adopts 12 slots and 10 poles winding structure that it features high winding factor, small winding end, high winding efficiency, small copper loss, high power density and more.

speed torque character.png

4. Magnetic circuit structure

a. It's designed with special magnetic circuit structure with homogenized main magnetic circuit and leakage magnetic circuit. It effectively inhibits the cogging effect that the motor can run more stably at low speed.

b. Good air-gap permeance coefficient with great driving performance.

c. Small mutual induction, it has no electromagnetic interference to other equipments.

5. Small in size, fast response speed

It has been produced with the latest manufacturing technology and professional design that its size is smaller (decreased about 20% to 30%) than other similar products.

mechanical installation size.png

6. Good cooling performance

Compared with 8-pole motor, the 10-pole servo motor has enhanced cooling performance that the temperature rising has been reduced 10 degree centigrade.