SD600A Servo Drive
  • SD600A Servo Drive

SD600A Servo Drive

Advanced and flexible control modes in speed, position, torque and etc.
Adopts the latest TI 30 bit DSP and IPM intelligent module.
Powerful overload capacity and wide range of adjustable speed.
User-friendly design and ke

Veichi SD600A is a high performance industrial servo driver designed with the latest DSP of TI, advanced digital motor control algorithm and latest IPM intelligent module. It can work perfectly with various kinds of servo motors to form servo control system for achieving fast and accurate control in speed and position. Due to its eminent working performance, award-winning quality and competitive price, SD600A is widely used in many fields such as machine tool, printing, packing, industrial robots, automated production and so forth. Below are some key functions of SD600A:

1. Mode Switch

In order to improve the transition characteristics of motor during the accelerating and decelerating process, it's specially designed to allow switching the speed loop control mode: PI (proportional integral) and P (proportion). It can effectively inhibit the overmodulation and undermodulation.

mode switch

2. Origin Search Function

With this function, the servo control system can actuate equipment to achieve origin positioning function.

origin search function

3. Over-travel Preventing Function

When the mechanical moving elements move beyond normal range, it will stop driving motor.

over travell preventing function

4. Flexible Position Programming Mode

flexible position

5. Jog Mode

Operator can easily run the motor via keypad, instead of entering command. It's convenient to test it.

jog mode

6. Multiple Motor Control Modes

Except position control, speed control and torque control, it also allows seamless switch between position, speed and torque, such as speed/position control, speed/torque control, position/toque control and more modes.

multiple motor control mode

7. Computer Interface

The computer interface makes it convenient for operators to set parameters, speed and torque command, monitor waveform and 1: N communication.

computer interface

8. Feed-forward Compensation

Due to this function, the positioning time has been greatly shortened.

feed forward compensation