S200E Integrated Control System for Construction Hoist
  • S200E Integrated Control System for Construction Hoist

S200E Integrated Control System for Construction Hoist

High performance integrated driver for construction hoist system.
Secure and reliable construction hoist system.
Special s-curve design in acceleration and deceleration improves the comfort.
Compact size, elegant appearance, easy to transport, save labor cost of wiring.

Veichi S200E is specially developed according to the practical application requirements of construction lifting that it greatly improves the safety, stability, comfort and efficiency of construction hoist. Currently, Veichi provides S200E, S200K, S200D and AC80S for construction hoist purpose. Below are the main features of S200E:

1. Integrated construction hoist control system

Veichi S200E is integrated with variable frequency drive, braking unit, brake power supply and other types of logic control units.

components of S200E

2. Easy to use with intelligent and intuitive user interface

LED status indicator and clear signals are available to indicate all input and output parameters, status and etc. The intuitive design makes installation, maintenance and troubleshooting very easy and convenient for your engineers.

display of S200E

3. Built-in load lifting limiter

S200E has been built-in with a load lifting limiter for overload protection purpose, so you don not need to purchase it additionally. The user panel can display weight both in KG or percentage which is in conformity with the safety specifications.

4. Built-in with clock chip

It has been configured with a clock chip which makes it available to set authorization time. This makes the system management convenient and easy.

5. Flexible wiring method

It is developed with flexible circuit wiring methods that the heavy duty connector and terminal are optional for you to choose.

flexible wiring method

6. Flexible installation method

It supports various installation methods such as inside-cage installation, embedded 100mm or 165mm installation and etc.

flexible installation

7. Professional waterproof design

The whole system has pasted the rain test that its waterproof protection reaches to IP54 degree.

8. Reserved the backup driving mode interface

It is available to extend other modes such as switching between power frequency and variable frequency.

9. Brake coil short circuit protection

S200E has been professionally designed with brake coil short circuit protection function.

10. Optimized structure with beautiful appearance

Compared with common variable frequency control cabinet, Veichi S200E features compact size, elegant appearance, flexible installation modes and etc.

11. Built-in with brake unit short circuit protection function

Veichi S200E has been developed with brake unit short circuit protection function, while traditional variable frequency construction elevator does not have.