SF81 Asynchronous Servo Control VFD for Injection Molding Machine
  • SF81 Asynchronous Servo Control VFD for Injection Molding Machine

SF81 Asynchronous Servo Control VFD for Injection Molding Machine

Achieve precise control in rotating speed of motor and oil pump.
Enable injection molding machine save 20% to 60% energy.
Enhance the working efficiency of the injection molding machine.
Smart servo control functions that its quick start and stop only costs 0.1s.

1. Super energy-saving performance

Compared with traditional hydraulic power control system, SF81 can enable the injection molding machine system save 20% to 60% energy in ideal working conditions. The energy saving rate depends on the speed value of mould technique parameters.

SF81 working principle

2. High stability

Veichi SF81 adopts accurate closed loop control in oil pump motor and flow. Compared with conventional hydraulic control system, the repeatability accuracy has been improved about 3%.

3. Quick dynamic response performance

SF81 special servo control VFD for injection molding machine has smart servo control functions that the quick start and stop only requires 0.1s. It effectively improves the producing efficiency of injection molding machine.

4. Strong loading capacity

a. 150% of rated current for only 120s

b. 180% of rated current for only 10s

c. 250% of rated current for only 1s

With 3 times of overload capacity, it can fully meet the stable running requirements in frequent fluctuation frequency condition.

5. Rich frequency given methods

Combining pressure signal and flow signal, it provides 4 different kinds of frequency given modes so that it can fully meet requirements of various working conditions of injection molding machine.

6. Multi-channel frequency signal input

It allows inputting proportional pressure signal and proportional flow signal at the same time. The electric signal source can be like this: 0~1A/0~5A; 0~10V/0~5V; 4~20MA/0~20MA.

7. Running with lower noise

High carrier running and low speed running with low noise. It is less than 70DB in ideal condition.

8. Reliable pressure holding performance

SF81 is designed with closed loop pressure control that the pressure holding time can be longer and more stable.

9. Electric supply and power-saving dual-circuit design

It effectively ensures continuous and stable operation of the system, without negative impact to production.

circuit design

10. Continuous running with low oil temperature

SF81 servo motor proportionally delivers hydraulic oil based on your needs which prevents unnecessary heat being generated. In some cases, it does not require cooling system with a lot of cooling water saved.