AC70Q VFD for Ball Milling Machine
  • AC70Q VFD for Ball Milling Machine

AC70Q VFD for Ball Milling Machine

Specially designed to control ball milling machines for better performance.
Big starting torque and 180% rated torque output meet the large loading demand.
Effectively prolongs the lifespan of crankshaft, gear, belt and etc. of your production line.
Enhance the working efficiency of balling milling machine, reduces energy consumption.

Veichi AC70Q is a special AC frequency inverter designed for ball milling machine that it is widely used in ceramic industry. Using AC70Q, it will bring you great benefits both in economy and environment such as decreasing energy cost, reducing maintenance cost of your machine and cutting down carbon dioxide emissions.

1. Large torque and loading capacity

With enough starting torque and 180% rated torque output at low speed, AC70Q can meet the requirements of large loading capacity of ball milling machine. Also it ensures the equipment run smoothly and stably in variable frequency status.

2. User-friendly main and auxiliary design

Its main and auxiliary design is very user-friendly that it's pretty convenient in installation and debugging. All the low voltage components in cabinet are of famous international brands with top-level quality. It can also monitor the parameters of ball mill machine in real time.

3. Obvious energy saving effect

According to the practical grinding status of ball milling machine, AC70Q can automatically reduce the operating frequency in real time in order to achieve the best energy saving effect.

4. Rich protection functions

Veichi AC70Q ball mill special purpose inverter has developed with sound fault protection functions like over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-load protection, overhearing protection, short circuit protection and other 20 kinds of protection functionalities.

5. Reactor

Built-in high performance reactor for improving the power supply factor

6. Soft start function

With use of soft start function, the peak current is low and there's no impact on the power grid. It effectively avoids the electrical shock, reduces the machine vibration and extends the lifespan of the ball milling equipments.

7. Support copying parameters

Veichi AC70Q has been designed with parameter copying function which makes it easy for users to operate and use.

8. Excellent cooling effect

It adopts independent air duct design in order to meet the cooling requirements, so it ensures the high stability of all inside components.