AC70G Inverter for Engineering
  • AC70G Inverter for Engineering

AC70G Inverter for Engineering

Modular design, featuring low temperature rise, low noise, small in size
Wide voltage range that it allows fluctuation -15% to +15%
Available for direct DC power supply as it’s designed with DC components
Strong protection functions, security self-test function and etc.

Veichi AC70G series frequency drive is developed on the basis of AC70 platform with improved structure design and wiring method. Below are its main features:

1. Modular Design

AC70G adopts modular design that it features low temperature rise, low noise and small size. Its wiring goes from top to the bottom so that it is very convenient for users to rewiring in the cabinet.

2. Wide input voltage range

It supports voltage fluctuation from -15% to +15% that the AC70G engineering inverter can work properly and safely without special treatment.

3. Conformal coating

Pained with special conformal coatings which ensures the AC70G is anti-static, anti-corrosion and anti-dust. It effectively extends its service life.

4. Power Supply

The auxiliary power supply, cooling fan, electric contactor and more are all DC components that it is suitable for direct DC power supply, common DC bus schemes and EPS power supply.

5. Communication

AC70G adopts standard RS485 communication, supporting MODBUS-RTU and PROFIBUS communication protocol. It is convenient to facilitate the connection between PC and PLC for remote monitoring.

6. Complete protection functions

Super powerful protection functions, security self-check function, improved master-slave control function and multiple frequency setting modes.





Voltage, frequency

Three phase 220V, 50/60Hz; three phase380V 50/60Hz
Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz; three phase660V 50/60Hz
Three phase 1140V, 50/60Hz, what is the difference between 3 phase and single phase?

Allow fluctuations

Voltage: ±15%, frequency: ±5%


Frequency control range

G: 0-400Hz (P:0-400Hz, ZS model:0-400Hz, H model:0-2000Hz)

Output frequency accuracy

Max frequency ±0.5%

Frequency set resolution imaging

0.01Hz: Operating the keyboard arrow keys
0.2Hz: Potentiometers analog input

Voltage/frequency characteristics

50% -100% of the rated voltage, motor rated frequency 25-400Hz(2000Hz) adjustable

Carrier frequency

1.0-15.0KHz, random carrier modulation

Torque upgrade

0~25.0% adjustable, auto torque upgrade?random V/F optional

Maximum capacity

G, H model: 150% for one minute, 180% for 2 second, 200% instant jump.
ZS model: 150% for one minute, 180% 30,250% instant jump.
P model: 120% for one minute, 150% instant jump.

Acceleration and deceleration time

0.1-6500 for minute

Rated output voltage

Take advantage of the voltage compensation function, with Rated voltage to motor for 100%,the voltage can be set In the 50 -100% scope(the voltage output should not exceed the input )

Automatic voltage adjustment function

When the grid voltage fluctuations, changes in the output voltage is very small, remained constant V/F

Automatic energy-saving operation

According to the load conditions, automatic optimize the V/F curves, implement energy saving operation

Standard function

PID control, acceleration and deceleration time adjustable, Acceleration and deceleration mode variable, the carrier frequency adjustment, Torque upgrade, current limiting, Speed tracking restart and start again, frequency hopping, frequency fluctuate limitation control, procedure running, Multi-speed pendulum frequency operation, RS485, analog output, pulse output frequency


Energy-consuming braking, DC braking

Frequency setting input

Keyboard number settings, keyboard Potentiometers, external terminal VS1 : 0 ~ 10V, VS2 external terminals : - 10V - 10V, the external terminal AS : 4-20mA, S485 and signal composition and terminal options

Signal feedback input

External terminals VS1 : 0 ~ 10V, external terminals VS2:-10V - 10V, external terminals AS : 4-20mA, RS485, frequency pulse input

Input order signals

                    Start, stop, positive and negative rotating , inching, multi-speed, free parking, reposition, acceleration and deceleration timing choice, frequency settings channel choice, external fault alarm

External output signal

Relay output, the collector output, 0-10V output, 4-20mA output, the frequency pulse output

Protection function

Overvoltage, undervoltage, current limiting, over-current, overload, electric thermal relays, overheat, pressure stall, data protection



Function number, data


Output frequency, given frequency, output current, input voltage, output voltage, motor speed, PID volume, feedback, PID to the quantitative, module temperature, input and output terminal condition


Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase missing, overload, heat, pressure stall, current limiting, data protection is damaged, current Fault operating conditions, historical fault


Installation sites

Indoor, elevation of not more than 1000 m, non-corrosive gases and direct sunlight

Temperature, humidity

-10 — +40°C, 20%—90%RH(No condensation)


Below 20Hz less than 0.5g

Storage temperature

-25 — +65°C

Installation mode

Wall-mounted mode, closet mode

Protection degree


Cooling Mode

Forced air-cooled