AC70-K Asynchronous Air Compressor Frequency Inverter
  • AC70-K Asynchronous Air Compressor Frequency Inverter

AC70-K Asynchronous Air Compressor Frequency Inverter

High performance asynchronous air compressor inverter.
Vector Control Mode without PG.
More than 20 kinds of fault protection functions.
More than 1000 success application examples.

Veichi AC70-K is applied widely in asynchronous air compressor industry, featuring remarkable load capacity and stable high performance. It is developed on the basis of AC70 platform.

Working Principle of Air Compressor

asynchronous air compressor working principle

1. Random Carrier Function

This asynchronous inverter for air compressor can effectively inhibit the motor noise, reduce the interference to the peripheral equipments.

2. Phase Losing Protection Function

It has input and output lose phase protection function that it effectively protects your air compressor electric motor.

3. Developed with the Latest Control Algorithms

Developed with vector control without PG algorithm and motor parameter self-learning function, so the AC70-K can greatly exploit the performance of air compressor motor.

4. Bidirectional speed tracking with fast response

5. A Full Range of Failure Protection Functions

AC70-K has been built-in more than 20 kinds of failure protection functions and lightning protective device, which effectively improves its self-protection ability.

6. Power-off Non-stop Function

As it has been developed with instant power off non-stop function, so AC70-K can effortlessly deal with grid shakes.

7. PID Control

It supports quick response PID control. AC70-K can directly receive signals from remote pressure gauge or pressure sensors in order to achieve constant pressure control.

constant pressure control

8. Large Torque at Low Frequency

It can provide 150% rated torque at 0.5Hz, torque dynamic response less than 20ms.

9. User-friendly Design

This variable frequency drive supports keypad parameter copying function which makes it easy in debugging.

10. AC70-K Wiring Diagram

AC70-K wiring diagram