VEICHI Sets Sail Again for a New Journey to Create Another New Splendid Point

Date: 2016-12-18

December 9th, 2016, we finally ushered in the Suzhou Veichi Electric Opening Ceremony and Business Partner Conference in the warm sunshine of Suzhou. More than 300 domestic and foreign partners gathered in Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park to witness this historic moment.

shenzhen suzhou veichi industrial park.

Shenzhen and Suzhou Dual Base for Collaborative Operation

Looking back, Veichi Electric has passed for 10 years and has achieved great achievements. 2016 is a new starting point for the past and future. On this day, Suzhou Veichi Electric, covering a total construction area of about 70,000 square meters, officially puts into production, which turns a new page of Veichi that Shenzhen base and Suzhou base start cooperative operation. It stands out as one of the notable landmarks in the developing history of Veichi Electric.

mr hu makes speech

In order to respond to market changes and customer needs more precisely and rapidly, Veichi Electric moved to Suzhou which is a place of great interest and developed economy. After more than a year of continuous construction, we finally witnessed the presence of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park which covers an area of 6.92 acres with total construction area of about 70, 000 square meters. Our Suzhou Industrial Park is nearly 7 times of Veichi Shenzhen base, which will be able to achieve an annual output capability of 1 million sets of multiple types of automation equipments and 1 billion scale of sales volume. There is no doubt that Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park will become an important growth pole in the rapid development of Veichi Electric.

ribbon cutting ceremony

During all the procedures such as negotiation, signing contract, approval and construction of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park project, we have received supports of government at all levels. On this day, the deputy head of Wuzhong District government, the deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, the deputy director of Management Committee and other leaders of relevant government departments came to congratulate the grand opening of Veichi Suzhou Industrial Park.

suzhou veichi opening ceremony dance

During the Opening Ceremony and evening dinner, Veichi has specially prepared some performances which are of traditional Chinese elements such as lion dance, Chinese national dance, songs and etc. In the elegant hall which was full of enthusiastic music, gorgeous lighting and artistic design, both of the domestic and abroad customers were deeply attracted by such a fabulous visual feast.

chinese lion dance

chinese national dance

Veichi Released New Products Which Are Made with Wisdom

Standing at a new historical starting point and facing new opportunities for further development, Veichi's 4 production lines released brand-new products as gift for this big event:

1. Frequency Inverter Product Line

Frequency Inverter product line announced AC200 which features brand-new motor control algorithm, integrated drive for synchronous and asynchronous motor, industry-leading open-loop and closed-loop vector control technology, precise torque excitation decoupling, outstanding dynamic response performance, motor parameter learning function under static mode, advanced hardware as well as powerful software.

energy saving effect veichi

Up till this moment, Veichi Electric has sold 1.3 million sets of frequency inverters that it has saved 22.3 billion kilowatt hour power and reduced 800 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for China.

2. Servo and Motion Control Product Line

This product line announced V5 series motion controller which is highly-reliable, simple to use with powerful functions; it is an excellent partner for high-end equipment manufacturing. In 2017, V7 high-performance motion controller will be announced; in 2018, industry-specific controller, V9 complex multi-axis motion controller and multi-joint robot dedicated controller will be launched to the market.

v5 motion controller

3. Synchronous Motor Drive Product Line

This product line announced SD680 (11KW – 132KW) high-power servo drive. It is estimated that the high-power servo drive will be reduced by 12% in equipment weight, improved by 300% in machining accuracy, and increased by 15% in production efficiency. They are mainly used in cutting bending, heavy machine tools, paper printing, all-electric injection molding machines, textile machinery and other industries.

4. Hoisting and Automotive Electronics Product Line

This product line launched 2 new products: tower crane integrated drive, and EV100 series synchronous motor control drive. The tower crane integrated drive is specially designed for tower crane tailored complete system solution which is of high intelligence, modular design, high compatibility, rich expansion interface, high security, high efficiency and other advantages.

tower crane integrated drive

In the field of new energy automotive electronics, Veichi Electric set the R and D trinity layout (pure electric, hybrid and auxiliary power) in line with its key development route on the basis of its core control technologies, key components, system integration, so as to provide customers with the latest new energy vehicles control system solutions. This is the reason why Veichi EV100 series synchronous motor control drive came into this world.

Veichi Sets Sail Again to Create Another New Splendid Point

Under the aura of its products, Veichi Electric always maintains its excellent qualities: attaching great importance to research and development; creating specialized products and services; dynamic team. Coinciding with the intelligent manufacturing, industry transformation and upgrading and B and R; market opportunities, Veichi sets sail again to the next 10 years, 50 years, 100 years in the spirit of "revitalization of national brands, unlimited technological innovation", in order to create another new splendid point together with both domestic and abroad partners.

veichi sets sail

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