Sharad and Mr. Song Hand in Hand to Discuss Development Plans of India Market

Date: 2016-10-17

On October 17th, 2016, the managing director – Sharad, and the technical associate – Anupam of India CENOSPHERE INDIA PVT LTD visited us.

In the accompanying of Mr. Song, Jay, Steve and more, they had a happy tour of our offices, production center, R&D department, warehouse and etc. Through this tour, our intimate partner - Sharad and Anupam had a comprehensive understanding about our quality management system, product manufacturing process, advanced automatic production lines as well as our research development strength.

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The director of Veichi Electric – Mr. Song, Sharad and Anupam intimately exchanged the viewpoints about the future prospects and the marketing strategy in India:

Currently, the Indian market prospects of automation control products are quite bright with huge demand; however, we have to face fierce competition as there are so many brands. When there are so many uncertainties on Indian market, how to effectively operate this market, establish brand recognition, improve customer satisfaction and etc. are the most important problems what we have to face together. Besides discussing these issues, Sharad and Mr. Song deeply analyzed the overall development of industrial automation control industry in India and the eastern regions. Both Veichi and CENOSPHERE INDIA PVT LTD are confident that the future market prospects of India are full of expectations for the next 3 years, hoping to work together to create a better tomorrow.

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