New Height of Made in China - Technical Exchange of VEICHI and Strategic Partner

Date: 2017-03-27

With the deepening of VEICHI-Shakti strategic partnership, we have specially invited the technical team of our strategic partner to participate in the technical exchange which lasted several weeks.

This technical exchange was carried out in the form of integrating theory and practice that deeply discussed various technical issues such as MPPT algorithm, voltage boosting theory, water pump protection design, drive technology and more from four aspects: software, hardware, structure and test. Among these topics, the efficient MPPT algorithm and Boost module design is the priority of this technical exchange. Meanwhile, the Shakti technical team also visited the fully automated production lines of Suzhou Veichi production base during the technical exchange. Shakti technical team witnessed the product manufacturing, manufacturing technique, assembly, quality control, packaging, logistics and other aspects of VEICHI Electric through the field study and product assembly practice that they personally verified the high quality of VEICHI products.

As the strategic partner of our company and the important market layout of our global sales network, India Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd., the biggest provider of solar pump system in South Asia, has already cooperated with VEICHI Electric for several years. After continuous identification and communication, Shakti Pumps has eventually selected VEICHI as the partner from countless well-known brands at home and abroad. This technical exchange activity has taken the strategic cooperative partnership between two sides to a new height.

Veichi Electric, which owns four product lines including variable frequency drive product line, servo product line, lifting & automotive electrics product line and synchronous drive product line, has already started the double-base (Shenzhen and Suzhou) operating mode. In the electrical world, VEICHI is always focusing on product research and development with little self-advertisement that VEICHI is at the forefront of the industry in aspects like customer satisfaction and customer needs. Paying attention to the end customers' experience and striving to dock R&D system with market demand, are the all-time adherences of Veichi Electric; providing quality training to customers and helping customers deeply understand the technology of our products, are the fine traditions of Veichi Electric in the past 11 years and the future.

shakti and veichi

In addition to the Indian customers, VEICHI has already provided more than 50 visits and technical training for about 20 customer groups coming from 15 countries. We are convinced that the best embodiment of a company's practical strength and social responsibility are adhering to the technical output, providing quality service and manufacturing good products; moreover, it is the best embodiment of quality of "Made in China", representing the "New Height; New Requirements" of Veichi Electric. As the leading system solutions provider of industrial automation area, VEICHI is constantly redefining "Made in China".

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