Flying Start of VEICHI Automotive Electronics Product Sales

Date: 2017-02-16

The Spring Festival atmosphere has not faded, on the first working day of New Year, VEICHI Automotive Electronics Product Line ushered the first batch of orders – 500 sets of EV100B-3D-025-0A air cooling motor controller. It is definitely the best New Year present to Veichi Electric!


Comparing with similar products of the same power level, EV100B series motor controller has the minimum volume, only 245 × 265 × 148mm with compact structure, high power density, which is easy to deal with the compact installation in logistics vehicles; besides, its IP67 protection level can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions. Its hardware adopts car-level design ideas; all the input and output signals are fully isolated with strengthened anti-interference capability. For some key rotating transformers, CAN communication, temperature detection circuit and more, it has been done with targeted anti-interference processing. With adjustable speed design and variable-carrier control method, its fan features reduced noise and perfect temperature rise control, greatly extended the life span of fan and reduced the failure rate.


The software uses the industry-leading synchronous motor core control technology, optimized the MPTA and field weakening control strategy. According to the high salient pole characteristic of automotive synchronous motors and the working conditions of the logistics vehicles, VEICHI EV100B is developed with optimized magnetic circuit design and electromechanical efficiency zone, greatly improved the mileage. In order to solve the not-linear torque problem caused by reluctance torque, it has been specially designed with constant torque control and online motor parameter compensation, ensuring that the motor works within the controllable range. The improved vibration model is introduced to detect the mechanical vibration during the operation of the vehicle, and the algorithm of the notch filter can effectively suppress the mechanical vibration, greatly improved the comfort of vehicles.




VEICHI EV100 series motor controller features fully-optimized anti-interference capability, industry-leading and professional core control technology of synchronous & asynchronous motors, small and highly-protected shell design. Owning to these features and our professional yet fast customer service, we finally won the high customer recognition upon us, which lays a solid foundation for VEICHI's development in automotive electronics field.

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