New Momentum of South America Economic Recovery - Veichi Sparkles on PLASTICO BRAZIL 2017

Date: 2017-04-06

Influenced by the global economic recession, the economy of entire South America is also under downward pressure. Bucking the trend, Veichi Electric successfully sparkles on the PLASTICO BRAZIL 2017 in Sao Paulo that injects new impetus into the economic recovery of South America.

The petrochemical industry of Brazil is on the leading position in Latin America. The petrochemical industry mainly manufactures thermoplastic and intermediate chemical products that the plastic machinery market sales is more than 20 billion US dollars, which implies that there is a huge market capacity for us.

exhibition hall of veichi

PLASTICO BRAZIL is jointly organized by the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Builders' Association (ABIMAQ - the most authoritative official association of the Brazilian machinery manufacturing industry), and the Brazilian Association of Chemical Manufacturers (ABIQUIM) with organization and promotion of INFORMA (the world's fourth largest exhibition group) Exhibitions. The trade fair is held every two years in Sao Paulo. It is the only exhibition of plastic industry which is directly operated by the ABIMAQ, and it is the highest-quality exhibition of plastic and rubber industry in Brazil.

Veichi Electric, as a renowned provider of industrial control systems and solutions in China, has always been moving forward with a low profile. Always placing the customer's interests at first position, Veichi Electric accurately grasps the economic recovery rhythm of Brazil and participates in the exhibition with its general-purpose frequency inverters such as AC70 and AC70E. On the PLASTICO BRAZIL 2017, the powerful research & development system and humane service of VEICHI attracts great interest of visitors. As the old Chinese saying goes, the trend cannot be violated. Veichi Electric bucks the trend and enters the Brazil market with the new business card of "Made in China", looking forward to the strong recovery of South America economy.

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