Alternative to ABB ACS550 VFD

Date: 2016-12-19

ABB is one of the most famous corporations in electrical industry which is headquartered in Switzerland, Swiss. Its product series cover robots, industrial automation products and so forth. In 2015, ABB ranked 201st on the Forbes list. As the giant of engineering field, it is leading the development direction of power and automation technologies. Its products such as ABB ACS550 VFD have been well-known for its outstanding working performance and high reliability. However, you may want to seek for an alternative to the ABB ACS500 which is of same functions, comparable working performance and lower price, if so, this article would be very helpful to you.

Brief Introduction About ABB ACS550

ACS550 is one the low voltage general purpose AC motor drives of ABB. It is capable of achieving variable and constant torque control requirements in different areas such as fans, pumps and etc. It is developed with vector control algorithm with built-in EMC filter and Modbus fieldbus. Currently, ABB provides ACS550 ranging from 0.75KW to 355KW models. As a general purpose VFD, it is of wide application in different kinds of scenarios.

acs550 versus ac80c

Alternative to ABB ACS550 VFD

If you want to find an alternative to ABB ACS550, then the AC80C three phase single phase VFD would be a nice choice which will not let you down. Below are the main features of Veichi AC80C:

1. Control algorithm: as an ideal ACS550 alternative, AC80C is also designed with vector control algorithm and V/F control mode. Based on the advanced control modes, it is capable of achieving fast and accurate control in speed and torque.

2. Functions: with RS485 interface, programmable logical braking control, overload tolerance ability and more functions.

3. User-friendly: AC80C supports remote control on PC via GPRS and data backup and copy function. It also supports plug and play which is the same as ABB ACS550.

4. Full protections: in order to meet complicated and harsh environment, the AC80C has been developed with a wide range of protections such as over voltage, under voltage, phase missing, over load and many more.

5. Applications: since the AC80C has been announced to the market, it has been applied in more one thousand practical application cases. As it has stable working performance, obvious energy-saving effect and high durability, it has been widely used in many areas such as paper making machine, grinding machine, CNC lathe and more.

About Veichi Electric

If you need an alternative to ABB ACS550, the Veichi AC80C is definitely an ideal choice.

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