Application of VEICHI AC200L in Wiring Drawbench

Date: 2017.07.01 Location: Vietnam Product Model: AC200L Category: Wire Drawing

               Application of VEICHI AC200L in Wiring Drawbench

Ⅰ. Overview

The Draw-bench is an important equipment for metal wire production, which mainly pulls metal wires into filaments with various specifications. There are high requirement for electric control of Draw-bench, and as the main electric control part, the accuracy of tension control in VFD will influence the machine performance and stability directly.

As a professional manufacturer, the constant tension controller--AC200L of VEICHI is specially designed for drawbench, and has won the recognition and praise from wire and cable enterprises with its excellent performance.


                      Draw-bench control system

Ⅱ. Process Requirements

1. There are PI calculation function (including spooler ) in front and rear connection, ensuring great tension during threading.No need single point adjustment;

2. Special treatment is carried out for the phenomenon that a point disturbance leads to the oscillation of the whole system step by step. The swing arm maintains a steady state regardless of low speed or high speed;

3. All the parameters of inverter are set on HMI by RS485 communication, of which the debugging is extremely convenient;

4.  Auto-stop can be set according to material weight;

5. Mode jumping, monitoring parameters and alarm history records are executed and monitored on the HMI;

6. Not broken at high speed emergency stop.

Ⅲ. Solution ofVEICHI Products

AC200-L series inverter is used to solve the original system defects:

1. Because of the integration of control and drive, the system can make a rapid response and can calculate current coil diameter in real time, so as to achieve the best constant tension winding effect.

2.Inverter integrated special tension taper control algorithm, which can achieve better control of different materials according to the tension adjustment.

3.With its excellent tension control function, AC200L could adjust the torque output in real-time according to the tension change on material, so as to ensure the constant tension.


With its superior performance, VEICHI AC200L inverter makes a stable and reliable operation of customer's wire drawing equipment, greatly saving production costs and improving production efficiency. The specific advantages are as below:

1. AC200L special coil diameter calculation function, which could effectively prevent the breakage of wire drawing, to achieve a long-term stable and reliable operation.

2. Excellent torque control function and good response of AC200L, which could avoid the difficult start of drawbench machine because of the load.

3. Unique constant tension control algorithm of AC200L, which is perfectly applied in drawbench winding to achieve perfect effect.

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