Application of VEICHI AC200 in DecatingMachine

Date: 2017.10.01 Location: India Product Model: AC200 Category: Textile and printing

Application of VEICHI AC200 in DecatingMachine


Nowadays, there are two finishing sections of wool fabric: wet finishing (including dyeing) and dry finishing. The main production equipments of dry finishing process are heat setting machine, brush machine, shearing machine, wet machine, decating machine and so on. And decating machine, which is one of the key equipments, is the end processing equipment.

The decating machine can be divided into two types, one is for the normal pressure and temperature, and the other is for high temperature and pressure. The decating machine is mainly suitable for the setting and finishing of knitted and woven fabrics from natural wool, linen, cotton, silk and blended yarn. After the equipment setting and finishing, there are several features, such as stable dimension, smooth feeling and soft luster etc..

The main controller of the high efficiency decating machine is programmable logic controller (PLC), which completes the setting of speed and tension, the setting of inverter parameters and the logic control of incoming and output cloth.The frequency converter automatically runs according to the set parameters and given speed and tension, so that the fabric gets high quality decating effect.


Ⅱ. Process Requirements

There are three main parts of the high efficiency decating machine

1.Cloth loading

In the replacement of bottom cloth, wind it on the big roller, generally twice a year. Only the big roller inverter is needed to adjust the cloth loading speed by adjusting the potentiometer.

2. Cloth feeding

  It means that the cloth is wrapped in the bottom cloth and then winded on the big roller, and operates under the tension winding mode by inverter. The big roller inverter operates under tension torque mode, and the small roller inverter operates under speed mode

3. Cloth output

During the cloth output, the big and small roller rotate reversely to take out the cloth, and the bottom cloth is wrapped back to the small roller.At this time, the small roller inverter operates under tension mode, and the big roller inverter operates under speed mode.The cloth speed is given by the speed potentiometer, and the small roller is switched into tension torque mode.

Ⅲ. Solution ofVEICHI Products

Decating machine system consists of VEICHI inverter + HMI + PLC.

1. HMI is used to set tension value and other process parameters. The logic control of incoming and output cloth is completed by PLC.

2. Inverter automatically operates according to the speed and tension given by PLC.


The decating system with VEICHI inverter could achieve steady and reliable operation, and gain high economic benefits for customers. And VEICHI overall solution is highly praised by customers through the actual production test. The specific advantages are as below:

1. The tension in the whole process of cloth incoming and output is stable, and the tension of them could be adjusted separately.

2. The torque and speed of inverter can be switched freely when incoming and output cloth, which improves the efficiency without stopping the machine.

3. Under tension control, the tension accuracy is controlled within 5%; under speed control, the speed accuracy is controlled within 1%, and the speed sensor is used to adjust the line speed in real time.

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